2 Birds…One Stone aka How to Save Money on Support and Get FREE Documentation

Disclaimer: The Documentation is not actually free. You will have to pay for the support call. Also, I do not endorse the killing of any number of birds via the use of stones.

Last year I recorded a video explaining how to use Microsoft’s built in Screenshot tool called the Snipping Tool. I wanted to take a minute to say…if you are not pulling up the Snipping Tool whenever you are providing or receiving support please watch the video!!

Here are some reasons to use the Snipping Tool:

  1. It is automatically installed for most users.
  2. It is not creepy “Freeware”.
  3. You can email from the screenshot.
  4. You can add highlights.
  5. You don’t have to capture the whole screen.

Here is how to sneak in some free documentation and slow down the person on the support call to a reasonable speed: If possible, before they connect to your computer or immediately when you connect:

  1. Open the Snipping Tool.
  2. Open Microsoft Word.
  3. As they are flying through the screens…stop them and take screenshots and highlight the critical stuff.
  4. Ask them if they can type some notes. If they won’t, you should type as they go.
  5. Save and share with your co-workers.

You probably pay a lot of money every time you call for support. You probably hang up the phone and you know you won’t remember what they did or said. This will solve that problem.

Why this is also great for everyone who bills clients for Support Calls:

  1. It is much easier to prove your work for billing.
  2. You should ask the customer to email you a copy. You can change the screenshots into generic test company data and you can re-use for Tips or training. Many of the tips on our company website: www.calszone.com/tips started as documentation from client support calls.
  3. Send the documentation to your co-workers or setup an internal Knowledge Base.
  4. You can document specific procedures that are custom for your wacky clients.


  1. This is a great idea!!! I personally use Jing (bc we already paid for it) but am constantly showing others the snipping tool that didn’t even know they had it! I also do this for SQL scripts from a support call and copy the script out to a backup folder.


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