Hello and thank you for visiting my blog,

I am excited to share some of my favorite tips for how to use Microsoft Dynamics GP with users and other GP professionals.

All too often, training is boring and flat. It is basically a demo that doesn’t show you how to make your job easier. However, that isn’t how it is supposed to be!! If you wanted boring, flat, and vague training…you could read the manual!!

I love helping people…but I have found the first step is listening! If I can’t wrap my head around how you are doing your job now…how can I help  you make things better?

My passion is educating people. I hope that as I add content here and accomplish some other exciting goals (TOP SECRET FOR NOW)…I will help users and GP professionals get the most out of their investments in both GP and Microsoft Office products.

Feel free to send me your training stories (the good, the bad and the ugly). The only way I will accomplish my goals in making GP training better for everyone is really figuring out what the heck is going on out there!

For more information and the latest news, visit my official website: www.trainingdynamo.com


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