Find Hidden GOLD in Microsoft Dynamics GP: Payables Management

Back during the gold rush years, scores of people headed toward California, Colorado, and other points west in a frantic effort to strike it rich. Imagine the scene: people wading in rivers and streams, hunched over with small metal pans, sifting through the silt just to find a trace of gold – and the hope of finding where that trace came from.

What does this have to do with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Maybe you’ve gotten comfortable with the AP/Payables Management module of GP. But does its wealth of options, bells, and whistles leave you feeling like you’re sifting through it all with little more than a tiny hope of striking gold?

You might already know how I feel about GPUG Academy classes.  They’re a stellar value – the best bang-for-your-buck in Dynamics GP training (aside from inviting me over personally, that is!) I promise that my Academy class on Payables Management is no exception!

“What will I learn,” you ask? Here’s a few highlights:

Payables Management, Posting Setup, and Default Posting Accounts. True, you might not be a system administrator, and thus have the appropriate permissions, but it never hurts to know how to handle some of the basic setup. It gives you insight into what makes it all tick… and it might come in handy if you notice something misconfigured – you’ll be able to speak the lingo with your IT guys that DO have permissions!

Navigation 101. I bet you like your car seat, radio presets, sun visors, and mirrors to be adjusted just perfectly, don’t you? Well here’s where you can make your instance of GP fit you like a glove. Learn how to adjust user preferences, homepage options, toolbar setup, and the Navigation Pane.

All about Vendors. You’ll see how to do just about everything with Vendors, from editing the basic options and contact information, to the accounts they post to. Want to be a Dynamics Ninja? Learn how using Vendor Classes will make management a cinch (and possibly raise your cool quotient.)

Transactions – “On the Fly.” Get down and dirty with Transaction Entry – Invoices, Finance Charges, Miscellaneous Charges, Returns, and Credit Memos. How to do it more quickly. Best practices for posting them, too – learn why a Batch is your best friend, even for one transaction! (Heck, a batch of cookies is my best friend, so why not a batch of transactions?)

Payables Reports that keep management happy.  Trial Balance, Cash Requirements, and more! And you’ll find out how to make Navigation lists your new get-it-done tool.

Entering and Applying Payments, and getting Checks in the mail. What does the “Select Checks” function have to do with a fishing boat? You’ll also see how to Edit the Check Batch, and take it all the way to Printing and Posting Checks.

Record Maintenance. See how you can work with Vendor and Transaction Holds, edit existing transactions, void both open and historical transactions, and how to delete a vendor (if the vendor is unused.) If you’ve got a history with them, but now you’re not using them anymore, find out how to deactivate them so they don’t keep turning up like a bad penny.

So much more. There’s info on Inquiries, SmartLists, Excel Reports, and Year-End Closing as well. Still scratching your head after all that? Well, ask away in our Q&A session at the end of class.

Maybe it’s not quite as exciting as finding real gold on a plot of land that you own… But I guarantee you’ll find little gems in this class that will boost your productivity from day to day in the office. You’ll walk away feeling like you do when you put on fresh clothes in the morning and find that $20 that you left in the pocket of your jeans before you washed them. Score!

My next GPUG Academy Payables Management Class is scheduled on February 27, 2019! Click here for more information and to register.

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