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It’s been a while since I finished a blog post! I have been busy with clients (which is a great “problem” to have!) I was at GPUG Amplify last week and my friend Anya asked me how it went. Knowing Anya and her amazing blogs: ERP Software Blog and Collaboration Works (just to name 2), I knew she’d appreciate the answer in the form of a blog…

I traveled to Chicago last week for GPUG Amplify. I must admit, I wished I was heading somewhere warm! I talked to Bob McAdam and told him I’d love to be in Tampa, Florida (his hometown/the hometown of Dynamics Communities) next year! (This winter in New England seems like it will NEVER end!!)

I started the week with an 8-hour PowerBI class taught by the AMAZING Belinda Allen! The class was a hands-on learning class. I took a million screenshots and notes. I know that my clients will love using this tool to make better decisions! I know that each tip Belinda gave equaled $$ for my business! I have a whole new revenue stream! And I get to make cool reports for my clients. It was a nice sized class too. There were about 10 of us in the class. If you’ve attended one of Belinda’s classes at GPUG Summit, you might have had 4 times as many people in the class with you. Belinda does a great job of recruiting “helpers”…so don’t worry if you are registering for her next session at GPUG Summit…I just loved the smaller classes at GPUG Amplify.

I spoke with a few partners and attendees. I heard time and again that many of them loved GPUG Amplify MORE than GPUG Summit. I will break down my list of pro’s and con’s and why I go to both:

GPUG Amplify: Because this is a GP only event, it is smaller. This makes it less overwhelming and easier to navigate. There are sessions aimed at “Decision Makers” but there are still plenty of GP Tips and Tricks type sessions. There are less sessions…but every single session is based on GP…so again navigating is easier.

GPUG Summit: This event is awesome! You get to see the best presentations and meet people from around the world that are using Microsoft Dynamics GP. Plan your schedule in advance! Bring a buddy! Split the classes up! The popular/well-reviewed classes are often turned into webinars so keep up on the GPUG Webinar page and sign up for the newsletter.

I go to both…because I present at both! Also, I really recharge my GP batteries and get inspired and excited to show new tips each time I attend an event.

Highlights from GPUG Amplify 2018

  • Pam Misialek (longtime GP Celebrity, Champion, and all-around inspirational rock star) was announced as the new Director of Cloud Operations for Njevity. I have had the chance to get to know many of the people at Njevity and I am really excited about this announcement. If you haven’t checked out PowerGP Online…do it now. It is awesome!
  • Before heading to GPUG Amplify I reached out to Victoria Yudin to let her know that I was featuring her AMAZING and FREE SQL Views for Microsoft Dynamics GP. I wrote up a brand-new tip that I demonstrated at GPUG Amplify. You can download it from my website by clicking here: SmartList Designer – SQL Views and Publishing as Live Excel Reports. (Note: You don’t have to write SQL Code, you just have to have access to SQL or know someone who does…give them the link to Victoria Yudin’s SQL View: Copy/Paste and Execute…that’s it).
  • I worked with Abra Gilman from Collins Computing on a session called “Keep Your Batches & Documents Under Control – Streamline Daily Batch Processing, “Chicago Style”. When we were prepping, she mentioned adding a website to the GP Month-End Checklists. I told her I didn’t think that would be easy or even work because you have to set the program type. She showed me I could just enter the website twice and it works!!

GP Checklist

  • I worked with Kristen Hosman from Briware Solutions when I was prepping my GP Superhero session. Some of our tips about SmartList Designer overlapped a little so she referenced the document I wrote about security and SQL Views. She helped me troubleshoot an issue with publishing to Excel reports. I was able to catch her very first GPUG national event presentation called: Using SmartList for Everyday Reporting. She showed a really cool tip for creating your own SQL Views by using SmartList Designer. This solved my publishing issue!! If you want more info on that, let me know. I am planning to include this at GPUG Summit in my GP Superhero session.
  • Mark Polino had a great session on GP Security. I have used his tips and the FREE Security Matrix from his company (FastPath) already with my clients. Click here to download the security matrix.

Why Should You Attend GPUG Events? Free Documentation and Training!

After my #GPSuperhero session ended, a woman wanted to ask me a question about the Stock Count Schedule setup window. She wanted to know if there was a way to add items in the order of the Bin location. (This is getting technical…so, if you want more info on what she was doing, click the link to the tip I am going to include). Anyways, I tried using the standard GP window and found it was impossible. But, I wasn’t busy (another perk of a smaller event). We found a place to sit and tried a solution I had never done before. We opened my GP Test company and I wrote documentation about using a Macro in GP + Microsoft Excel + SmartList Designer. I did this all with her (hoping I could get the macro to jump to the next line. Spoiler Alert: It works!) I emailed her the document and then posted it on my website. Here is a link: Setup Stock Count Schedule with SmartList Designer and Mail Merge Macro

Best Advanced Networking Venue EVER!!

My favorite after-hours “Advanced Networking” event EVER was on Monday night. The folks from Avalara, Experlogix, Sana Commerce and Dynamic Budgets hosted a dinner at The Second City. The food and drinks were exceptional. We got to stay for an improv show at the place that launched Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Steven Colbert, Chris Farley, and pretty much anyone that has made you laugh in the last 50 years.

I had the chance to meet with a new client that traveled from California to Chicago. They loved the event. I am working with their partner to cover the training of their team and to help them overcome some pretty significant challenges. I am really excited to get to work. There is so much potential for them! They are a great team and they just need a little help getting “back on track”.

My GPUG Academy Class

I did a 4-hour GPUG Academy class on Thursday called “GP Smorgasbord – Tips and Tricks for the Newer User”. One of my attendees asked “Why didn’t our training from our partner include these tips?” I told them the truth…sometimes people cut the training budget to the bare minimum. No partner can show you the “cool stuff” if you give them 2 hours to train on the “A to Z” of any part of GP. They are gonna stick to the essentials. Also, honestly, some partners are awesome at integrations or some other facet of GP. I love training…so I show my clients the coolest tips! I am doing that class at GPUG Summit, so make sure you add it to your schedule if you are heading to Phoenix in October.

After the event ended, I was able to visit the Shedd Aquarium and the Art Institute of Chicago.  I posted some pictures on my official Training Dynamo Instagram page.

I can’t wait for GPUG Summit! I hope to see you there!

-amber j. bell ~ training dynamo, llc

P.S. I didn’t link to all my new tips on my website. I am planning on highlighting them in future posts…but if you go to and click on Tips and Tricks there are a lot of new ones posted!

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