The Next Gen ERP Designed by YOU!

Update: Since posting this in October 2017, Microsoft retired the “” site. I heard on the MBS Podcast that this could be related to increased regulations for data privacy. In any case, the ALL-NEW Ideas site is up and running and the links and images in this have been modified.

I just got back from GPUG Summit (Checkout #GPUGSummit on Twitter for all sorts of fun posts, pictures and announcements). One of my takeaways was that the GP community is stronger than ever! There are passionate people making GP better and better everyday.

One piece of advice we got was that it is our responsibility to tell Microsoft the areas that need improvement in the system. We have the power (and the responsibility) to reinvent, revitalize and revolutionize Microsoft Dynamics GP. The ERP you know and love can continue to grow and can be better than ever…truly it can be the “Next Gen ERP”.

So, how in the world can we do that?

While you are there, make sure you vote for 3 of my favorite suggestions!!

  1. Add email functionality to Microsoft Letter Writing Assistant.
  2. Increase the number of columns available in Navigation Lists.
  3. Default “Business Analyzer” to be turned off for Navigation Lists.

I have so much more news to share! So, I will be writing more posts soon!! In the meantime, checkout my redesigned website: You can now buy my book online!! Use code: GPSUPERHERO to save 30%


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