Looking Back at My First Year in Business (a blog post with a Soundtrack)

Copy of Looking Back

As 2016 races towards its end…I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect. I started the year with a fire in my stomach, a huge dose of moxie and to be honest a healthy amount of fear.

Something has changed within me…Something is not the same…I’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game…
“Defying Gravity” from the show “Wicked”

Leaving my old job was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. I have had moments this year where I still can’t believe I had the strength to jump from a stable and rewarding job with an established and successful company and start my company: Training Dynamo LLC

If you never try…you’ll never know…just what you’re worth
“Fix You” Coldplay

I thought I was jumping without a net…looking back my net was the people I have networked with over the last 15 years as a Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant. They became more than a connection on LinkedIn or a face in a crowd at a GPUG event. They became my friends. They saw my dream and they encouraged and supported me and for that I am eternally grateful.

Running my own business gave me the freedom to make myself available to give my time to build and support the Microsoft Dynamics GP community. One month into starting my company, I was honored to serve on the Advisory Board for the inaugural GPUG Amplify event. This year have presented educational sessions at GPUG events in California, Florida, New York, Massachusetts and many, many “virtual events”.

I gave my time because I wanted to educate and inspire people to get more out of Microsoft Dynamics GP. I truly believe that the foundation of a successful team is education. I gave my time because I truly believe we are stronger together.

One of the biggest surprises came in October at the GPUG Summit Event  when I was named a GPUG All-Star! (For more information, my friend Anya wrote an article about our many years of friendship and my unconventional career path and the achievement of being named a GPUG All-Star).

When I started my company, I wanted to revolutionize Microsoft Dynamics GP training. I had a vision of a series of workbooks that would educate and empower GP users. I am proud to say that I have published my very first book: Microsoft Dynamics GP: Year-End Closing Workbook. It is exactly what I saw in my head!


Looking back at this crazy, rewarding and challenging year I can say without reservation: I love having my own company. It is a dream come true.

I was inspired to look back at this year as part of LinkedIn’s ProFinder Contest! I am looking forward to 2017. I have so many more plans and so many more goals. I will be using LinkedIn’s ProFinder to find someone to help me with my Website and for resources to help with all the crazy tasks that are part of running my own business.


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