What Waldo taught me about GP Navigation Training…


Whenever I work with a new GP user, I can tell that they are overwhelmed by all the links to Cards, Reports, Transactions, Inquiries, Utilities, and Setup. By the time they start looking at the options for Lists, and toolbars, shortcuts and reminders…they look downright dizzy!!

Now, what does this have to do with Waldo and what does that have to do with GP?

Here is my point:

  • Where’s Waldo works because there is so much on the page that doesn’t matter…that it takes a long time for your eye to figure out how to filter down to the little guy in the red stripped shirt.
  • GP makes people crazy because by default, there are so many windows, reports, menus and icons that show…that you cannot find the window you need.

I recorded a video for CAL Business Solutions Inc. that will help you clean up your GP pages:

How to Simplify the Dynamics GP Home Page for New Users

Using GP should make your life easier! I hope this tip saves you some stress and helps you find the windows you really need to access!

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